Imer Mix 120 Plus

Vertical Shaft Pan Mixer

Take it anywhere!


  • Drum capacity 4.25 cu ft
  • Batch output 3 cu ft
  • Drum diamater 30 in
  • Maximum aggregate size 3/8 in
  • Paddle speed 38 rpm
  • Motor 2 hp 110v
  • Current draw 15 amps
  • Noise 70 dB(A)
  • Machine weight 286 lbs/crated 310 lbs
  • Length* 33 (35) in
  • Height* 50 (38) in
  • Width* 30 (31) in

*Operating dimensions (crated)

Materials / Applications

  • Repair Mortars
  • Fire-Proofing
  • Grouts
  • Stucco

Small but powerful portable vertical shaft mixer

Why go through all the hassles of towing a mixer to a job site, when the MIX 120 Plus can make a wheelbarrow of mortar, stucco, grout, or dry pack cement every 3 minutes. In fact, vertical shaft mixers deliver so much mixing torque that the MIX 120 Plus can out produce a 2 bag towable mixer when making dry pack cement.


The paddles are always in the mix, working hard. Material is blended without air entrapment, and even stiff muds are mixed thoroughly and quickly. Rubber paddles are also available.


If the material being mixed starts to clump up or separate, no problem, just hit reverse for a few seconds, then back to forward. The ability to switch from forward to reverse ensures that all types of materials mix well. Bring on the tough stuff!


Discharge of material is very controlled. Whether you need a trowel, a bucket or a wheelbarrow full of material, it’s all there with a twist of your arm.  


The 120+ can go anywhere just roll it through standard doorways. In addition, the mixing action is neat and controlled, so the mud stays in the drum, and the mix discharge is equally clean.  Mix indoors without making a mess!




  • 2HP, 110V motor
  • Hi-torque gearbox drive with reverse
  • Wheelbarrow pneumatic tires
  • Loading wheels
  • 4.25 cu ft drum capacity
  • 3 cu ft batch output
  • Vertical paddles good for mixing mortar, stucco, and grout
  • New iDust grate (dust abatement grate)


  • Rubber paddles
  • Open grate optional for materials like fireproofing