Depend on Ventures Equipment’s 3/8 Special Trailer Mounted Grout Pump (STG) to be reliable and robust. The STG is equipped with adjustable speed setting, progressive cavity pump, forward and reverse, and pumps 10-12 yards per hour (9 cubic meters)


The VE4 is designed with the highest-quality workmanship and  simple operation. The water pump is included as a standard part and the quick-change device allows the worm pump to be changed without tools. this compact machine has a pumping volume of up to 200 bags per hour.

3/8 Special Skid Steer Mounted Grout Pump (SSU)

The skid steer mounted pump from the 3/8 Special selection is designed for small rock, concrete and grout applications. Equipped with a progressive cavity pump and 8 cubic foot hopper it is able to pump out 10-12 yards per hour


The 3/8 SSE is designed to be moved via forklift or other suitable lifting device. This pump is power by 3 phase 240VAC electrical power from either the grid or a generator. Also equipped with a progressive cavity pump and and 8 cubic foot hopper like our other 3/8 Special units.

MAI 3D Printing Mortar Mixing Pump

This mobile mixing pump for 3D concrete printing promises permanent and dependable material consistency with an adjustable flow rate between 2 and 30 l/min

ToughTek MP20 & MP40 Mixing Pump

The ToughTek MP20 & MP40 can mix, pump, and you can even apply pre-blended cementitious construction materials in one machine. water is automatically added to the mixing chamber. Equipped with variable speed control, 425psi pumping pressure and an adjustable flow rate, which allows consistent material flow

Ventures Equipment SureMix

The SureMix is an innovative design from ventures equipment increases production while upholding its durability. It’s double mixing and pumping abilities make the SureMix an easy to use machine, with variable speed control, wireless remote, and a dry material hopper of 39″ the SureMix can pump up to 200 bags per hour.

ToughTek CM40 Continuous Mixer

CM40 Continuous Mixer

With the ToughTek CM40 Continuous mixer, its east to improve your crew’s production rates by automatically mixing pre-blended mortar products. The CM40 eliminates the need to manually measure water into the mix. The variable mixer output allows you to adjust the material flow (Flow Rate: 18gpm/70lpm), and a maximum output of 300 bags per hour, up to 150 cubic feet.