D60 Continuous Mixer

Automatic mixers for cementitious materials

Automatic mixing with consistent continuous output

Materials and applications:

  • Stucco/EIFS
  • Plasters
  • Self-leveling underlayments
  • Refractory materials
  • Masonry materials
  • Grouts
  • 3D Printing materials

*Some materials require special handling and testing


With the ToughTek D60 Continuous Mixer, it’s easy to improve your crew’s production rates by automatically mixing pre-blended mortar products. The D60 eliminates the need to manually measure water into the mix. Simply set the water flow rate for your specific material, break bags of material into the hopper, and the system automatically does the rest. You increase productivity, get done sooner and boost your bottom line. 


The D60 increases productivity and your bottom line

  • Easy to operate, easy to move
  • Variable mixer output lets you adjust material flow
  • Flow rate: 18 gpm (70 lpm)
  • Output (underlayment): 300 bags per hour / up to 150 cubic feet (based on 50-lb/22.6 kg bags)